Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Day 6

This one almost didn't happen.  DS had company and promised to do his 3 R's after the company went home.  Well, you know how that goes.  Later in the day he tried the old "I'll do 6 R's tomorrow" bit.  But I said no and these were the toughest 3 R's yet.  But he did them!

1. Algebra: still working on evaluating equations given the variables.  I really think he's got it! Time to move on. Tomorrow we work on area.

2. Reading: ch 12 in the Vietnam book. We discussed it afterward.  He didn't realize one of the characters had committed suicide by jumping overboard. 
"With the strength and speed and skill of a gymnast, and still with that angel's smile on his face, he is off.
He grabs the rail, flips over, and dismounts, throwing himself out and into the white and wild chruning water below.
My new friend flies."

3. Writing: He wrote a silly poem about all the frogs we have around here.  They are EVERYWHERE!  And the tiniest things!  We should post a pic.

6 down 34 to go and it's getting tough already!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there!
Way to stand your ground on the 3 R's a day. Had you not it would have turned into 9 R's, then 12 R's... glad you're sticking with it.


Angel said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I know you've been there.