Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Day 7

Today's 3 R's

1. Reading: Ch 13: "Home Again" in Vietnam book. This chapter was loooong.  But he persevered!
2. Writing: Wrote another short poem about my tea.  I don't make or drink tea.
3. Algebra: Area of triangles, finding patterns. Yay!  All were correct.

Also a fun thing today - we got a package!  Packages are always fun right?  Even if they are school related!
I ordered some little electronic gadgets for DS to practice math and spelling drills.  Even though he's entering highschool he has a LD and he forgets things so quickly and has trouble with details. Hence the summer school 3 R's.  Anyway it was fun to see that he was glad to get an electronic gadget to use instead of doing drills on paper.

 to go!

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