Saturday, August 4, 2012

40 days of summer school????

My last summer log was day 10.  Sheesh!  30 more days?

Not. happening.

Unless I can count all the ministry and camp days we have had!  Yes they count in a way, but not exactly what I had hoped.

I began counting our "Summer Days" on June 4th we logged 10days and then...

  • June 18th-22nd Youth Camp (My kids went and I had a little guest stay with me while his mom went to youth camp!)
  • June 25th-29th Preteen Camp (My kids and I all worked at this camp!)
  • July 2nd-6th Getting ready for the 4th of July Celebration at church. We were in charge of the talent show!
  • July 9th-13th Getting back into the swing of life with work and ortho appointments etc.
  • July 16th-20th Getting ready for VBS and making an airplane!
  • July 23rd-27th VBS! Yay and dgrandson staying this week and the next.
  • July 30th-Aug 2nd This week was spent cleaning up from VBS, taking care of my Mom and recuperating!
  • Next week.... MISSIONS! Backyard Bible Club :)

I still haven't decided when our first official day of school will be. When things slow down I will do some planning. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and don't forget... somewhere in all that ...your computer- kapooted and you had to get another one...and find your way around and move files and all the jazz that goes with getting a new computer!
On top of all the busy you've had...the minor annoyance of Technology! hmmmph!
It was really, really good to get to talk to you for what? 25 minutes today... but we said so much!
I loved it!

Leigha said...

And then we will be coming and probably slow you down a little! Maybe not the most convenient time of year to visit but we are excited!!!