Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Using old CDrom games on Windows 7

I was going through old computer CD's and found these.  I really think CJ could use these, especially when I'm working or taking my mom to the doctor or something like that.  BUT they are old and Windows 7 didn't want to run them so I did a little searching and found this solution.

1. Go to start
2. Right click on "computer"
3. Select "properties"
4. On the left select "system protection"
5. got to the "advanced" tab
6. from performance select "settings"
7. select "data execution prevention" tab
8. select "turn on DEP for all programs except those I select"
9. add the .exe file you want
10. click apply

It worked!  So far anyway.  I wanted to post this here for my own reference and for anyone else who happens to see it.

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