Saturday, October 13, 2012

Melt down today, Happy dance tomorrow

Life is always moving.  So just earlier this week I was having doubts in my homeschooling but then today the mailman once again made me happy.

We received our Apologia Science kit!  One decision I made this week was to stop trying to do so much myself and take some help where it is given.  So I ordered a science program rather than trying to piece something together myself.

I decided to go with Apologia Physical Science.  DS has plenty of time to get to the other sciences before graduation so starting with something a little easier would be good for both of us.

So I ordered this
Apologia Physical Science Kit

and this 
Physical Science - CD Course

and this 
Physical Science - Audio CD

all from

My DD used Apologia, so I knew it was challenging and wasn't sure DS was up to it.  But I think we now have a good plan and the audio mp3 should help us.  I'm thinking we can listen to it in the car and at other places when we can't sit in front of the computer.  I'm not planning to use it in place of the book, but as a repeat as needed kind of thing.

When we got home this morning (I'll have another post about where we went) the box was on the porch and I made DS carry it in and he said, "You're making me carry my own box of doom?" LOL Dramatic maybe?  But then he opened it and was oooing and aahhing over all the stuff.  So maybe not so bad after all huh?

We'll see!

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