Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday School Artwork

My Sunday school class learned the story today of the "Fantastic Feast".  We've been learning in this unit that "Jesus Does Great Things".  

I had to share this picture because this student's work always amazes me.  First of tall these kids did NOT know how to weave!  But they were eager to learn and they wove these construction paper baskets.  What amazed me about this student is her fish!  She designed, drew and cut these out herself.  And may I add that she's a lefty using righty scissors?

1st and 2nd Grade Sunday school student's artwork

While the other students (and myself) were making the simple little fish you know, like this one...

I love teaching children! It seems like so much work behind the scenes but every single Sunday that I walk in that room and spend time with those kids; God shows up!  He always blesses me. :)

I quote Eric Liddel, "God made me fast. And when I run I feel God's pleasure."

This is how I feel about children's ministry!

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