Saturday, January 14, 2006

King's Kids and Books

Today was a productive day for me. I woke up early with King’s Kids on my mind. King’s Kids is our children’s church at the church I attend. I’m in charge of curriculum and lesson planning as well as volunteer rotation. The holidays had gotten the better of me and I was a bit behind in paper work and organizing. So I prayed, “Lord, be glorified and lead me” and I got down to work. Four hours later and I had everything planned out and typed up through the end of May! Wahoo!
I even went to the dollar store and bought candy and prizes, enough to last 5 months. After that I began to aggressively sort through our bookshelves. I love books, I really do. It wasn’t always so. I wasn’t an avid reader growing up, it’s just since I began homeschooling 7 years ago that the love emerged. But on the other hand, I like to know what I have and where it is and lately things just seem to get shuffled from place to place. So I took my highlighter and my Amblesideonline booklists and began to labor. My children are currently in year 2 and year 9 (large gap I know, tell me about it!) so I made each one a shelf at his/her height so that their current books are easily accessible. Next I sorted the other books by year. I tried to get rid of the year 1 books my ds is finished with, but he didn’t want to part with them. He thinks he might read them to himself someday (he still isn’t reading yet). Given the struggle we’ve had with him, this was music to my ears. He’s connected with those books!
Back to the shelving. We have 4 5-shelf bookcases side by side in our sunroom/dining room. I made the first one just for art, crafts and music books. The next bookcase holds science books and supplies, math manipulatives and one shelf for extra language art things. The next bookcase holds all the AO/HEO books that I’ve collected along with notebooks on the bottom. The last case has our current books plus extra history and biographies. It looks so much nicer. I’ve read about others books in their home libraries and that sounds sooooo wonderful, but really I just don’t think I could handle that in real life. I’m learning to be content with what I have and this is one lesson I struggle with so getting rid of books and other items is cleansing for me.
Here's a picture of all my hard work.

The table you see is not our dining room table (ugh! it needs a table cloth!). We borrowed it from my mom during Christmas and we just kept it up. It's small and sturdy and we can work there and keep the dining room table cleaned off for meals (that's the plan anyway!LOL).

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