Monday, February 13, 2006

8 is the magic number...

For my ds anyway. He's going to be 8 on February 28th.

He has struggled with reading, and hasn't really gotten past sounding out words like "cat" "rug" and other basic C/V/C words, and even those not fluently.
He's decided however that he should read when he's 8 or someone will make fun of him. I'm not sure where this ridicule will occur but he's sure of it none the less.

The difference in our reading lessons has been phenomenol. I'm trying Reading Made Easy by Valerie Bendt and I really like it. However, the other programs we tried were just as sufficient. I think the "timing" is just right. He's finally ready to read. I had downloaded Study Dog in the past for extra practice, and for some reason it got taken off the pc(can't remember why) he's been asking for it back so I re-downloaded it and began with level 2. He's flying through it and even requesting it over TV time! YAY!

There are other changes too. I'll blog about those soon.

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