Friday, September 28, 2007

Tips on HS Tracker

These are the things I learned that made it easier for me to begin planning.
First choose your subjects. I chose:
English Language Arts
Physical Education
Fine Arts
Foreign Language
and a few more electives for my 11th grade dd.

After deciding on your basic subjects, then add courses like:
Subject - Course
Bible - Study
Bible - Memory Work
Mathematics - Geometry
Mathematics - Algebra II
Mathematics - Gamma
History - Sonlight Core 3
History - U.S. History
Science - 4th Grade Science
Science - Chemistry

and so on...

After adding subjects and courses then I added the resource for example:
Subject - Course - Resource
History - Sonlight Core 3 - North American Indians
English Language Arts - Read Alouds - Walk the World's Rim

So now all I have to do is go into assignments, choose 9yo ds's name, then choose "History" "Sonlight" "North American Indains" and add the page numbers to be read that day. It's a snap!

It took some time to set up and there is a lot more info that you can add, like call numbers for the library, purchase date and cost etc. And it can be saved in lesson plans for a future student if desired. I recommend it to anyone who homeschools and likes detailed records.

Once I got past my initial frustration, I think I will love this program!

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