Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bunkbeds Part 3

I'm very tired this evening but we got ds's side of the room painted. YAY!

If you can see from this previous pic the walls were a yellowish color. Not very 11 year old boyish. :(

Here's the wall after we painted it blue. (That brown square is where there is a window to the kitchen. I covered it with cardboard for now. Just keepin' it real!)

Here's the yellow-green stripe.

All done! (See! No cardboard!)

Not quite, I decided to take some green to the other perpendicular wall.

Oh and we got some new tubs for the shelving so they all match now.

Now it all looks cohesive!

If anyone needs reminding, here's what the room looked like in December.

(Note to self: Find somewhere else to store that stack of large white paper.)