Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break is Over, Time to get back to work

We've had a lot of time off it seems lately and a few things left out of our schooling.

Here are the things we'll be studying the next 6 weeks or so.

We still use the workbox system but mostly just to organize our daily work. I don't use all the cards and strips.

Right now in our workboxes we have:

1. Bible - reading through Ephesians
2. Math flash cards
3. Math lesson
4. Literature - Audio Book "Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass" unabridged.
5. Reading Lesson
6. Spelling Lesson
7. M/W/F=Biblioplan Modern History; T/TH Science "Observing God's World"
8. M/W/F= History page/timeline/map/project; T/TH Science page or experiment
9. M-Poetry; Tu-Shakespeare; W-Artist Study; Th- Composer Study
10. Copywork
11. open
12. open

Poetry: Rudyard Kipling
Shakespeare: A Winter's Tale
Artist Study : John Singer Sargent
Composer Study: Edvard Grieg & Jean Sibelius
Grieg - Peer Gynt Suite no 1
Grieg - Piano Concerto in A
Grieg - Norwegian Dance no 2
Sibelius - Finlandia
Sibelius - Symphony 1 OR 2 (4 weeks)
It will help that dd has played some of these songs for years on piano! LOL

DS is really coming along in his reading and academic work. We still have our days but things are definitely better. I'm really proud of him.

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