Saturday, September 10, 2011

I picked up this cookbook at the grocery store check out counter.

I'm trying out a few recipes and thought I would review them here as I go along.

The first one I made was the Southwestern Casserole. It made 2 casseroles.  There was plenty! I cooked one and froze the other.  The ingredients are familiar but I made a few substitutions.  I always seem to make substitutions.  I only had one can of tomatoes, and we don't like kidney beans so I added Ranch Style Beans. If you can't get these where you live I'm sorry :(.  But I guess "chili beans" would do.  I didn't rinse them as they recipe stated for the kidney beans.  Since I didn't have that extra can of tomatoes, I figured it needed the moisture.  I ended up adding just a little water.  Overall it was a great taste!  We liked it.  I'm thinking you could even add corn if you like it.  I like corn but my hubby's not keen on it, so I probably will never add it.

We also made this spaghetti casserole.  Oh my!  It was soooo yummy!  I will definitely be making this one again! 4 stars!  Even the hubby had seconds and he's not a spaghetti guy.

I liked the enchilada lasagna. Again I made some substitutions.  I used chicken, next time I will use beef.  I think the chicken just didn't give it enough oompf.

That's all we've tried so far.  I hope to try several more recipes.  There are some really good ones in there!

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Melissa said...

Hey thanks for the anniversary wishes! Happy 25th Anniversary to you! Two of my friends from high school got married (to each other) on the same day, so they are celebrating their 19th as well today! Have a great day!