Friday, February 24, 2006

Knowing Jesus as Healer

Matthew 9:18-34

Jesus healed people. He healed them physically but also emotionally and ultimately spiritually. It's been said that if you just have enough faith, you will be healed. This statement really bothers me. What do you tell the parents of a young child with cancer who never gets healed? What about the rest of us? Aren't we going to die? Didn't the people whom Jesus healed eventually die? Although good health is a blessing to be treasured it is not the ultimate. Eternity is much longer. Our spirit is the most important thing to be healed and Jesus is the only one who can do that.
We must seek Him with all our hearts. We must put all doubt and fear aside and give ourselves completely to Him.
Jesus is just waiting for us to ask for healing. He is such a gentleman, He will not force us. He waits.

Thank you Jesus for your patience and willingness to wait on us.
We don't deserve it.

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